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Thanks everyone for the was a good BD and fun with the family.

Tom - there are some real nuggets of wisdom wrapped in there, thanks. Do you really think one chase vehicle could follow/fuel a non-pro ironman? I figured there was no way, but it sounds like you've experienced differently.

I totally hear you on the mental trickery. I do stuff like that even when I am exercising to help me get to the end of a long stretch.

I think I'll have the food/energy situation worked out. The Hammer stuff seems to be working pretty well and combined with a few PB&J sandwiches I think I can get through. I talked more to Frog about his technique of having one water and one Hammer Perpertuem (energy stuff with protein and other stuff for +2 hour activities) bladder in his backpack. I'm going to try that approach in the race in a couple of weeks. I think it is a good plan.
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