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I basically grew up at Claverack..... My parents let us do what ever we wanted as long as we paid our own way so my older brother who was 16 at the time would drive he and I up there and with lawn mowing money we would race.

I remember eating ice cubes off the grass at the end of the day when people would dump there coolers because we had no money left to get a soda( they didn't sell water in those days for the youngins).

I remember draining the gas tanks on the bikes so we had enough gas to get home....

I remember the windshield wipers breaking on the way home (it always rained at Claverack) and we tied a rope to them and ran it through the vent windows and i had to manualy move them back and forth all the way down rt 22..

I remember Stu Anderson and The proffesor Gary Bailey battle like it was a world championship, I had never seen a battle like that before and can still remember it today. I was standing on the sweeper before the long straightaway into the back, I was in Arizona a couple years ago and met someone who was standing in the same place as I was and remembered it as clear as I did.

I remember the "silver cloud" which was a school bus that was owned by a Bultaco dealer(not Hughs) who supported us. The sons name was Jeff Sumerlin? I remember Jeff throwing up in his full face helmet(which was a new thing at the time) Many a time...

I remember my brother braking his collar bone (might have been at Millerton?) and the ambulance guys wrapped him up and told him to go home only problem was that he was 16 and I was 14 so the only way to get home was for me to drive, and I did....2 hrs down 22
I remember getting chased by the guy that owned the apple orchard for picking a "snack" for the ride home. .......And wood chips......lots of woodchips... My last ever race was there. Ending with a torn AC joint after a first turn over the bars incident. That was two days before the world trade center attack. My arm was in a sling while my fellow firefighters were heading down to help. Sucked. I raced thjis bike at Claverack back in the day. Bought it back from the guy I sold it to in 2001 and restored it. Appologies to those (Flug) that have seen this pic. Before and after. Note the discolored plastic float bowl on the Lectron flat slide carb before
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