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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Bleeding the brakes is not hard, just takes patient and approach it methodically. It is always wise to bleed the "whole system" when you change a hose. Air could get trapped anywhere (above or below your junction. So, I'd recommend you gravity bleed downward to fill the new line. Then, bleed upward (pumping oil in from the bottom bleeder at the caliper....all the way to the top.

I flush mine both directions several times, until I see no more air bubbles at all anywhere. Then, go ride it a while. Bleed it again. Ride....bleed it again. Sometimes this is what it takes, unless you have one of those fancy high-dollar vacuum bleeding machines....what I've never had the chance to try out.


p.s. DOT 4 on the F800.

p.s.s. Special Note: there is a tiny bleeder valve up on the brake lever perch which allows you to bleed the air form the piston pump chamber. This is wonderful addition. I didn't notice it at first, and had a hard time regaining my brake pressure after changing a line. After discovering this little outlet, and bleeding up thru it as well, VOILA, brake pressure returned.
THANKS HighFive!

Will approach it with care...

On a separate note, have you read the Haynes Manual?
Regarding the clutch free-play measurement figure, the BMW service diagram quotes a free-play of 3mm (the amt, that the clutch cable slackness should have)... but the Haynes mentions 1mm.

i only have the Haynes manual with me. but i remember seeing a thread here in this forum with a picture saying otherwise...

the other issue is that Haynes mentioned that BMW does not have replacement brake pump kits for the front of the 800/650GS. BMW only has spare parts for the REAR pump kit... hmmm...
this is funny cuz almost every other Japanese bike has these in stock...
Haynes says to replace the whole brake pump unit if spoilt.
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