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Originally Posted by Desert Dave View Post
Joel, that's a fine post and makes your point well.

Maybe a big difference between that and myself is that honestly I'm slowing down and taking less chances these days. After spending years on the racetrack (road race and dirt) I've pushed my limits enough and have no intentions of riding like that on the street (or dirt ). If I did I'd go back to the track. I can't remember the last time I've ridden without what I felt was a large margin for error. I do still ride spirited and so far my impression of the ABS on my F800 is that I spend far more time riding around what it's doing than reaping any benefit. If it's raining on the freeway, I'll leave it on, but I don't count on it one bit. As technology advances I'm sure a system will come out (maybe already has) that doesn't make me feel that way and I'll be fine with it, until then I like having the choice.

That's it, that simple.
I hear you Dave, and your methods are sound. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure........

Abs is a sometimes cure for a lack of prevention of situations where heavy braking or maneuvering while braking are required.

The variant of abs on the F800GS is Bosch ABS 8M. Pretty much the same as many cars sans 2 hydraulic and sensor circuits with firmware biased away fram maximum braking towards directional stability.

There are some limitations that will trip it up for a fraction of a second and I suspect you are noticing these.

One limitation is operational speed, at best 8M can detect blocking, unblock, and get back to maximum braking 3.75 times a second.

A practiced and highly skilled rider can have the wheel at the threshold a higher percentage of the time in good conditions then 8M can.

Next 2 wheels presents quite a challenge for 8M, more would be better.

With only 2 wheels, 8M struggles to figure when a wheel is blocking versus just speeding and decelerating over a bump or pot hole. Honestly, I activate abs 12 times a day on a short ride, and it has never been confused more then half a second, but it is disconcerting, especially if you don't understand what is happening, why, and how long until threshold braking will return.

3 years of 8M ABS use, and it has never been significantly wrong, but it's minorly wrong all the time. If anyone doesent understand how abs can be minority wrong, brake firmly while crossing a pothole, feel the brakes release as your coming out of the hole? Brake the same firmness with abs off through the same hole, the brakes won't release and the wheels won't skid.

8M is very good, but has limitations. In my book it is of huge benefit, but has drawbacks.

For what it's worth, I just recieved my certification on the new K1600 bmw's, as well as got to ride one hard (wheelies and stopies :). The K1600 uses a GEN3 abs system. It is lighter, faster, and less confuseable. I expect this tech to trickle down to help convert the last of the non abs converts, but probably not till 2013

Either way, the main reason for posting on this thread was to state my advice to keep the rubber side down, with abs or without.

Many happy miles.
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