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As a complete idiot when it comes to Rallye gear I've been watching this and other threads with great interest to learn and for ideas for a setup of my own and for possible products. This is an area or riding that I've never done and I'd like to try.

It's gone a little sideways and Charlie, as someone that used to get spooled up over that stuff I know exactly how you feel.

So without pimping gear, I'd like to share some thoughts in the hope that this thread is somewhat more of a design workshop for rallye gear.

I started off with what I had, a Buell light with HID's and an Acerbis roadbook all mounted to the triple.

After discussing this with Hayduke, the only guy I personally know that has done a roadbook ride I ditched the lights for vertical 90mm Hellas.

I didn't like the light pattern of the Hellas and saw Chris Vestals setup and thought a 6" Baja Designs HID with a Hella for redundancy would be next. After talking with Hayduke again moved the speedo/odo up high and picked up a F2R roadbook, with all the weight, BD light 3lbs attached it all to the frame instead of the triples.

Now I'm ditching the BD light and am back to the Hellas to remove mass and momentum, but retain the frame mount as Charlie suggested earlier.

So what I'm planning on sticking with now is the frame mount, F2R roadbook, and the Trail Tech Striker and Vector computers, I'm not a racer nor will be racing, just want a flexible setup that can do as much as possible.

Any suggestions from those of you that know what you're doing would be great.

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