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Lot of oil smoke when I cold started the engine

Hi, mates!
I have posted this issue at the thread "KTM 640 Adventure owners, sign in please...", but had no luck.

Following the same procedure as always, I have cold started the engine with the choke set to the level which maintain 3.000rpm, until the engine gains 1 line in the temp scale.
Then my bike started to produce that smelly grey oily smoke we all know someday must happen... but not with 45.000Kms on the clock...

I immediately released the choke, despite I was sure the smoke will keep going out of the exhaust, but... it actually stop. Then I put the engine @4.000rpm and no smoke. Then I put it @5.500rpm, this time riding to my office, and nothing!
1 week later it has never appeared again.

What the heck is going on??? I know there must be a reasonable explanation, and I hope it does not include a severe damage...

What do you think, guys?
Thanks in advance for your help...
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