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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
The bathroom issue:

We have received several emails from women concerned with bathroom visits while wearing the suit. Well ladies, the whole point of the suit is that it is incredibly easy to put on and take off. Whenever you need to take a break, just zip off the suit. You dont even have to take off you boots for this. Why would you want to drag your lovely suit inside a bathroom anyway. The great thing about the a one piece suit is that you can wear whatever you want inside. So when you take off the suit, a comfortable pair of street clothes will be revealed, allowing you to enjoy your break in the most comfortable possible way.
This doesn't make sense. What if I am on the road all day and I stop for a bathroom break once every hour (a not atypical scenario)? I do not necessarily want to take my suit off once every hour in a filthy gas station restroom. :|

Another question - do you have data on crash tests for these suits? How do they compare to say the kevlar Motoport suits or the Aerostitch?
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