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Originally Posted by redbaroness View Post
This doesn't make sense. What if I am on the road all day and I stop for a bathroom break once every hour (a not atypical scenario)? I do not necessarily want to take my suit off once every hour in a filthy gas station restroom. :|

Another question - do you have data on crash tests for these suits? How do they compare to say the kevlar Motoport suits or the Aerostitch?
Well, first of all, as you have said yourself, thats not a realistic scenario. In any case, the whole point of it is to avoid taking your suit into the filthy gas station restroom. You would leave it outside with your bike.

I am guessing that women are more worried about hygiene than me.. and i would never drag a suit into the public restroom. minimal contact with that environment. Motorcycle gear itself is a handful and handling it in a bathroom (be it even just a jacket) is quite a chore.

I understand that some women may be skeptical about this concept, but i really do think that you will learn to love the convenience. When i take a break for gas (lets say every 200 miles), i want to take off my suit and take a break in my jeans.. Not walk around & eat my lunch with hefty riding gear (be it a suit, or jacket and riding over-pants).

We don't have formal crash test data. Everything is based off feedback that you might see on our main thread:

Considering that we are adding SuperFabric & other improvements, it only gets better. We provide an entire set of Sas-Tec armor in the price of the suit. This includes a Sas-Tec CE Level 2 back protector. You can look up feedback on the SAS-TEC stuff. It is... to put it simply... reallllllly nice... We use the women specific armor from Sas-Tec.

Aerostich charges extra for their back protectors. Motoport also makes a good product but it (apparently) fits like this.. not quite what we are going for..

i think thats the extent of my comments about other brands ;) In summary:
  • We are using proven materials as seen in feedback from our customers
  • We are improving on it, rather going multiple steps ahead, by using materials like SuperFabric
  • We are using some of the best armor available in the industry at the moment
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