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I'm going to be the devil's advocate, although I feel that I'm probably in the minority. But then again, this is ADV; who knows?

I have two different types of riding scenarios:
1) commute to work. Wear my work clothes under my gear, take off gear when I get to work, etc
2) day/long rides: wear spandex-type leggings and appropriate top, put gear on over it

In scenario #1, your suit would be fine. However, for #2, it would not be practical for me to take off the gear when taking a break. I don't like to parade around a gas station/restaurant/rest area with my spandex-wrapped butt hanging out. I very much like my 2-piece 'stitch when taking a bathroom break. I get off the bike, walk into the ladies room, unzip the pants from the jacket, lower the pants (just like jean! Nothing's being dragged all over the floor) and do what I gotta do. If I'm stopping for lunch, I zip off the jacket and can sit comfortably at the table with the pants still on.

Like I said, I'm playing Devil's advocate. I know that you did a lot of research to make your suit the way you did, and many women will thank you for i. I'm just trying to show you the other side of the coin and why something may not work for other people.

And as you can see, not all "other manufacturers" suits fit as poorly as your example (I'm second to the left)

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