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Talking Need some help

A few years ago I changed the application GIRLFRIEND 2.0 to WIFE1.0 and found that the update defrauded in excess.

First, WIFE 1.0 sucks system resources for other applications.

Not only that, found that WIFE 1.0 is also a CHILDREN 1.x which greatly slows the pc processor capacity

There was no mention of this particular phenomenon neither the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the product or its warranty, although other colleagues had told me this would be expected, due to the nature of the application

Because of this the system should recover almost forgotten protocols , MS Dos type LIE.10.2 or NO_RESPONSABILITY 7.0 to get a tolerable system stability because of the monstrous RAM consumption derived by CHILDREN 1.X.

So a few days ago I decided to put in place associated with the "COLLEAGUES 3.1" and by applying quite at odds with Wife 1.0, DUAL_SPORT_BIKE 3.0, this time based protocols which will be linked to the GPS 2.0 in windows browser screen, but also usually works in the usual form.

Of course, this time I have had numerous route problems which initially blamed on a Trojan from a web “FREE_SEX_MOVIES 6.0 " misteriously appeared on my PC as pop-up because It was not working properly about half an hour only, enough time if you count the slowness associated with FREE_TRACK_FROM_THE_WEB 5.0

Of course, these downloads from free servers sucks and most of the times are incompletes

After saving their protocols in binary language, we proceed a new system to re-boot
With a new program reconfiguration , finally seems to work without hanging up the fuc**** windows.

But surprises did not end there. In addition, WIFE 1.0 configures itself so that it always launches itself at system initialization where it can control all other processes, and effectively burns firewall and opens the task manager and introduce a worm, old style, as a resident virus, active and aggressive

But……the configuration process begins to fail, however, due to the cold vengeance of these types of programs that work associated in tune, remember, the WIFE 1.0 is rendered with the MOTHER_IN_LAW 1.0 Both lethal and was not aware at that time and was still thinking about the “FREE_SEX_MOVIES 6.0 ", and……CLOCNK!, system becomes unstable and collapses

Twice !!!!!

I suspect it will not be the only attack, so I decide to change radically by the ACE screen in ASCII, based on SYSTEM 32
And it works normally the rest of the day at least

In summary, some applications like poker night 10.5, 2.5 and BEER_PARTY_PUB_NIGHT 7.0 can not run as frequently as the basis of my program this letter because WIFE 1.0 crashes the system when selected (even though they had always worked before very well).
At installation, WIFE 1.0 automatically adds index services, as MOTHER_IN_LAW 1.0 (ATTENTION: dangerous, overwrite attacked files inside , causing contents loss.), and BROTHER_IN_LAW. Demo-version.

The most notable effects of these added services is a daily and progressive degradation of system performance.

So I'm very considering changing the application version WIFE 1.0 seriously, but there are some features you would want to add in the next version of the application (WIFE 2.0) :

* "forget me" button and another one to minimize it.
* Adding an option that allows WIFE 2.0 to be installed with the "uninstall at any time", without loss of cache and other valuable system resources.
* An option to run the network driver in "promiscuous mode”, which allows the system to test various applications , for greater market knowledge.


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