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My first bracket was a reaaly simple piece of iron, welded together by a friend. Mounted on the top triple-clamp. I was bomb proof and i had it on my TTR for about 7 years.
Pro - it is cheap and easy to make
Con - It vibrates (the TT roadbook was not really happy and one of the motors vibrate lose) and the roadbook moved around in the beginning

A few years back it made an screen (cut from a bucket) to protect the roadbook a little

It is not fancy or high tech, but gets the job done.

I now have bought a new F2R roadbook, and that did not fit to the bracket, so i bought these second hand. These are easier to (re)mount.

A friend of min bought 2 clamps at a carshop and some 3 mm aluminium plate, and made this. He is really satisfied with it.

@ Hogwild - I did do a ride with that set-up a few months ago, but after every bump i could read the roadbook really well, (as i moved towards me).
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