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Thanks Pete. I agree, and was not planning on getting them until I got to South America.

No pain killers yet....Was thinking it might be good to have some along, even if they turn to dust! :)

Thanks for the input!


Originally Posted by petefromberkeley View Post
All sounds good. I wouldn't buy that Doxycyclene until I was someplace I needed it though. It's not healthy or necessary to take that stuff if you aren't someplace that has Malaria. It's also 10X-100X cheaper to buy it someplace that has Malaria and you will not have been carrying it for a year (during which time the tablets will turn to dust in your luggage).

That being said, a broad spectrum antibiotic (like Doxy- but there may be a better one) is handy to take if you have no idea what is wrong with you and there are no doctors.

My Doc gave me some pain killers too. I have no idea what they were (and they turned to dust in my luggage) but if you end up too hurt to ride to a doctor, they might be handy.
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