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Originally Posted by mmx74 View Post
Of course i have said it because of radiation worries (It may kill, no doubt), and because it else may cause him REALLY BIG problem with helth, and with our environmental laws ( Court, Jail, etc. you know...). And this can cause break of his trip shedule... :Here in Ukraine we have no superstition about dead, or sacred areas etc... And of course Chernobyl is in a restricted (because of radiation) area today and next 300 years(Decontamination period)... I think that the old sidecar does not worth those problems... (Imagine: Man slowly dying of radiation in the jail, instead of fun riding round the world). Without any jokes.
I didn't mean the question as a joke. I didn't know.... To me that particular sidecar would be a very cool thing to have. A similar sidecar would be OK but that particular one would be special just because of where it is from... Of course you are correct in that it would be foolish to get if it cannot be made relatively safe. I do not know what it would take to decontaminate it but just riding a motorcycle isn't 100% safe so I can understand trying to overcome some problems to get it.

Here in the USA there is the saying that "One mans trash is another mans treasure"

However I have also seen some pretty strange things that the local people thought of as monuments.
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