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Emilio is right if you are really doing hard offroad.
Sometimes, when you are descending a really steep hill, with lots of loose stones and gravel, best way to assure your stability and not to fall and roll down is to put both feet on the ground; the problem is that you need to break and your right foot is touching ground, avoiding you to fall rightwards. In this situation is very helpful to stop the engine and use the clutch as a rear break, while using also the front lever with care...
Besides there has been some reported crashed caused by the electric breakes failuring for lack of voltage. In fact I think this system was a failed experiment by BMW because they never used it again (later series were manufactured with standard hydraulic system). Also the electric brakes are very rude at low speeds...
In my experience I had to ride thru more than 2500 kms in Bolivia and Chile without the electric powered brakes due to a failure in the lever contacts, and believe me it is hard (and long) to break without the assistance...
(mine is a '04 GS12)
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