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I really love the idea of being able to work without a boom-mike. So that is the "big customer attractor" in this deal.
For now, I have read only the hard-to-lay-aside facts and argumentation of wabbit45 with regards to what this choice (no boom-mike) does with the clarity of voice which is supposed to be lower and less recognizable.
I have not seen a sound argumentation against Wabbit45's claims as of yet. But they may follow, I am closely following this thread .

The word "mean" has been mentioned with regards to what wabbit45 said.
With regards to that, please be remembered that the industry has to thank itself for customers NEEDING to be critical against all kinds of manufacturers claims that in practice most of the time are never met.
If manufacturers were to over exaggerate their products abilities a little less, we would have less need to be this "mean" (which I rather call: sound critics).

For now, all manufacturers of BlueTooth communication devices have been shouting that their products were the absolute top of the bill, and until now, no product has met the expectations manufacturers have installed in us. None have.

So I am simply stating, that one can claim anything he wants, I want to see objective proof of all the claims. I have been a victim of commerce once to often to become one yet again. Prove that your stuff is great. For instance with a full money back guarantee, no questions asked, on 1 month period. Anyone who has a solid product in which he/she believes for the full 100 percent would gladly offer such a warranty, knowing nobody will bring it back since it is 100 percent delivering on its promises.

Reviews often make me smile. Every "professional" review I have read is most of the time positive, since the reviewer mostly would like to do his trick in the future again sometimes. They are never outright neutral to any product, since most of the time you see a button "buy now!" somewhere around this so called "review" which is most of the time nothing more then a marketing instrument. Objective tests. That is what consumers want. We want to know exactly what we buy, and how that product stands up against other products in the branch. To make a well informed purchase.
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