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Yes, some updates. Did two rides. Power was very good, some jetting circuits are way off. I started with the following jetting specs:

Slow air screw 1.25 turns
Pilot 42
Fuel Screw 2.5
Needle CEMT #2 position from top
Main 140
Boyesen 1.5 turns out

I did some short runs around the neighborhood, and these settings were close. So, I went for a shakedown ride First, the bike was really hard to start. Once it got warm, it would run well when it got up onto the main jet. But the pilot circuit, needle, AP pump, are all still off a bit.

Power was better than I thought. It is not fast, but it makes consistent, steady power. It is a little sloppy - I had to slip the clutch out of turns to get past a flat spot. Once I get it dialed it will be better.


Bend, OR

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