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Yes, lots of updates. Did two good rides, some jetting circuits are way off. Power was very good, should be even better now, as I put the 280 kit in and ported the head. But for now, the edited version.

I started with the following jetting specs:

Slow air screw 1.25 turns
Pilot 42
Fuel Screw 2.5
Needle CEMT #2 position from top
Main 140
Boyesen 1.5 turns out

I did some short runs around the neighborhood, and these settings were close. So, about 6 weeks ago I went for a shakedown ride at Cline Buttes, nearby here. It is mostly flat desert singletrack, kinda loose, and whooped out in places.

First, the bike starts like it has been sitting three years. Kick about a 10 times,, sputter, kick x10, sputter longer, kick 10x, sputter longer again, eventually it ran. Once it got warm, it would run well when it got up onto the main jet. But the pilot circuit, needle, AP pump, are all still off a bit.

Power was better than I thought. It is not fast, but it makes consistent, steady power. On singletrack it is quite efficient. Stock, it would just fall off, now it moves you forward right up to CDI cutout. Even with the sloppy jetting - I had to slip the clutch out of turns to get past a flat spot - it worked well. Once I get it dialed it will be better.

Steering took a bit to get used to. It is much, much quicker steering than my 650L, but also felt more quick than some 250Fs. But in an odd way. It did not feel light, and you can't stuff the front into a turn as well as a 250F. It almost felt like a mountain bike, where you work the bars more and use body english less. I kinda liked it.

Few things I did not like. I did not touch the forks yet, but they were not bad. The back though....sucked. It bounced and deflected off every rock, and I generally tacked back and forth down the trails all fricking day. I don't know if it is acclimation, or tuning, or whatever, but I need to corect it.

Another thing that is a real problem: the footpegs are too low. I was paying attention, and skimmed rocks several times. I have been told this by others, but it is a real problem. If you are not careful, it is dangerous.

Basically, I think I am 90% of where I wanted to be with it. However, in different ways. I thought the power would be disappointing and the handling would be dialed. Instead, it is the other way around....power is adequate and easy to use, and I adapted to it right away. But the chassis requires bigger changes in riding style than I thought, and needs to be dialed in. It was actually decent in whoops but skipped around a bunch in the rocks. Plus the jetting is way off.

I grew up in NE, and rode in Maine once or twice. On those cruel jokes you guys call trails, low to medium speed stuff, it would be great. Takes less effort than just about anything else. XR400 would be great also. So easy to ride.

They sorta remind me of FJ40s.

Hope that helps.


Bend, OR
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