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HS#15 FTR benefit/Dirty foot Adv.

The final race of the year takes place in Bowling Green,Fl at the Dirty Foot Adventures property. This a new piece of land and the Old School Dirt Riders (OSDR) had volunteered to put a benefit race on for the FTR. Sat course is 7 miles and Sunday is 10 including a small mx/flat track section.
Haley has already finished racing for the year so this report is just about my race. The course was well laid out as there was a mix of open fields and flowing woods/palmetto's. Overall it was a fast track with Sunday morning "fast guys" putting in 5 laps.
I had continued to have issues with my groin muscle from the last race so kicking the bike was sketchy at best. I need to get in one more race to have 11 for the season so to my rescue was good buddy Chris Tolken. He's the owner of a sweet 09' KTM 300 with a Rekluse, Scotts dampener, and magic button (electric start). The chance to race a newer bike with all these cool gadgets had me salivating and my wallet nervous as everyone who knew my plan all the made the same comment "Well that's it, you'll be ruined". In the back of my mind I hoped they were right. this point I already had planned to take it easy. I just needed to put in a few laps to secure 4th place for the season and possibly 3rd depending how Dave Davis finished(48C). I hit the button and I'm 4th place going into the first corner. I'm scared to throw my right leg out as I overshoot the first berm and 2 guys get by. It's follow the leader as we dump into the first field of palmetto's and the view of the top guys weaving back and forth in a line out in front of me was cool enough for me to note. I'm following Jorge Colon (21C-our class champion)who is just taking it easy, to the point I almost yelled at him he was holding me up..ha! I'm trying not to push it and re-injure myself but I can't help it. The bike is so awesome it's ridiculous trying to describe. I'm 50lbs heavier than the bike's owner and it stlll take the bumps better than my old bike. 4 corners in and I had already forgotten about the clutch as the Rekluse was doing the work for me. 4 miles in and all I did was react to the front deflecting off a root and I pulled that same muscle again. Tears well up in my eyes as the pain is enough to almost make me pull over. I wouldn't have raced this weekend at all if I had enough races in, but who knows when I'll have a chance to finish this high for the years end results. I'll just s#ck it up and put the laps in.

So now i'm just riding, not racing. i'm waving people by when i hear them coming up on me and just concentrating on enjoying the course and the bike. I have people passing me I hadn't seen all year (Hi Rocky!) as the laps mount up. On the 4th lap I encountered a very large black cow who was on course and just a little frightened. It bolted into some barb wire and then back across my path back into the palmetto's.I'm not sure who was more scared, him or me!
I'm having fun, encouraging rider's who pass me to "get get em" and realizing even on a bad day a great course littered with great competitors is a good one. After the race I pulled up and said to anyone listening "I won't race again until I get a newer bike, period". We'll see if that holds true...ha! Thanks again Chris!

Senior C
Place # Name AMA # Brand City, State Point Adv Laps Elapsed
1 112C Ian Joubert Honda Homosassa, FL 50 10 4 1:36:08
2 21C Jorge Colon 105354 KTM Orlando, FL 47 5 4 1:37:10
3 5C Gerardo Dilone 872733 KTM Kissimmee, FL 45 4 4 1:37:19
4 69C Armando Rios 897436 KTM Kissimmee, FL 43 3 4 1:37:28
5 18C Vernon Hackett 223505 KTM Port St Lucie, FL 41 2 4 1:38:11
6 196C Mark Zaremskas 505078 KTM Eustis, FL 40 0 4 1:38:26
7 325C Frank Gamperl Yamaha Deerfield Beach, FL 39 0 4 1:38:40
8 677C Oris (Don) Combee Yamaha Ft Meade, FL 38 0 4 1:39:44
9 48C David Davis 854296 KTM Lake City, FL 37 0 4 1:40:15
10 716C Jerry Bentley 108764 KTM Tallahassee, FL 36 0 4 1:42:05
11 919C Randy Bolen 987702 Kawasaki San Mateo, FL 35 0 4 1:43:17
12 20C Charles Nix KTM Inverness, FL 34 0 4 1:43:27
13 55C Michael Sacco 978110 Kawasaki Clearwater, FL 33 0 4 1:44:46
14 15C Kevin Vaughan KTM North Port, FL 32 0 4 1:44:56
15 117C Troy Stainbrook KTM Odessa, FL 31 0 4 1:49:32
16 753C Erik Barr Honda Sarasota, FL 30 0 4 1:59:42
17 369C Dan Thaler KTM Deerfield Beach, FL 29 0 3 1:27:45
18 869C Dave Edwards Suzuki Valrico, FL 7 0 1 0:35:04
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