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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
The GPS feature does not transmit. It only listens and amplifies.
I think you mean analyze instead of amplifies. Unless you're thinking about how the receiver amplifies the signal from the antenna and pushes it into the processor?

The phone radio does not need to have anything to do with the GPS. Some software that you have used may use both, but it is not a requirement.
Most of the navigation software that I've seen on cell phones uses both. One program used the cell signal to update the location maps after the phone gave it the GPS signal. That wasn't nearly as fun because once out of the cell area you're left with a useless application.

In this application it would make no sense because this app is really for use when you are in the wild. If you are on a freeway, where the radio would help, I suggest you use Google Navigation as I assume their billions of dollars can do better than I can offer in my spare time.
Yeah, it's been a bonus for me on the roads.

If I can't make this work with real time GPS data lets assume that the project dies before anyone but myself sees it in action.
I appreciate your efforts. I'm following your website. Thanks
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