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[QUOTE=wvrocks;16020557]I just came across a '78 R100/7 and I'm considering buying it. Its got 56k miles,

That is in the area of worn valve guides. At that age a seal here and a seal there will weep or leak. Under engine could be oil pressure switch or neutral switch. Somestime a seal leak will stop after using it again for a while.

paint is Burnt Orange Metallic and is probaby a 8 of 10. Some of the tank pinstriping is worn and there are a few small dings in the tank. Tank looks ok inside. The seat has one small tear that was covered with tape near the latch. Comes with Krauser hard cases that are in good condition with extra keys and an expandable leather BMW tankbag and an aftermarket handlebar mounted clear windscreen. Also includes extra rear brake shoes, one mirror, a full set of extra cables, extra plug wires, 10 oil filters

If they are BMW or Mahle, OK.

and 3 air filters, a big stack of head gaskets,

I guess I would want to know why anyone would have a stack of head gaskets?? Bet you mean valve cover gaskets.

extra windscreen, some hippohands and some exhaust shields. New brakes pads on the front and decent looking tires. The fork boots and shaft drive boot are pliable with no cracks. Its last long trip was DC to British Columbia with no issues.

So far, sounds like a better than avg Airhead package.

So thats the good stuff...

Now the not so good. The bike hasn't been ridden in 2 years due to the owner breaking a leg on a fall at home. Its been started every month or so over that 2 years.

That is quite bad procedure. Check to see if the oil is milky looking. If you don't get the engine hot and keep it hot for 20 minutes or so you will build up condensation and contaminate the oil.

He went on a trip for 2 months, came back and it wouldn't start. It cranks but doesn't fire.

Don't try to start it until you have cleaned out the tank and carbs. Fresh gas please. Today's gas goes sour in a few months.

There is a small oil leak that appears to be coming from around the oil pan gasket, mostly around near the back of the engine. It sounds like its been doing that for a while.

Source can only be determined by cleaning and drying, then watch and pay attention until you find the source. Talcum powder make a good tell tale.

The left carb overflows when you turn the petcock on. Takes about 10 seconds to start overflowing. I have no idea how long the gas has been in the tank.

He's asking $2000 and seems confident he could get more if it was running.

So why doesn't he get it running??

This would be my first airhead, having owned an SV650 and a KLR previously. I'm not afraid of working on the bike myself but I curious if this sounds like a good deal or not. Does the non start condition seem like something that should be reasonably simple to fix? Carb and oil leak?

Bottom line, yeah, not a bad deal. Very easy to do worse. Any Airhead with a few issues that you can fix yourself for less than a grand added is about as good as it gets. You would be better off paying $3000 for one with recent valve guides/seats and no leaks and runs out just fine, if you could find one.
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