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Sounds like you're right on track craftycoder. Although your terminology is off a bit. For instance while your differential between the cell and the GPS is right on, the GPS is still using radio tech.

Global Positioning System

GPS frequency overview
Band Frequency Description
L1 1575.42 MHz Coarse-acquisition (C/A) and encrypted precision P(Y) codes, plus the L1 civilian (L1C) and military (M) codes on future Block III satellites.
L2 1227.60 MHz P(Y) code, plus the L2C and military codes on the Block IIR-M and newer satellites.
L3 1381.05 MHz Used for nuclear detonation (NUDET) detection.
L4 1379.913 MHz Being studied for additional ionospheric correction.[citation needed]
L5 1176.45 MHz Proposed for use as a civilian safety-of-life (SoL) signal.

Check this how it works link out. Pretty decent explanation.
GPS Calculations

As opposed to the radio frequencies of cell phones. Below are the ones used in the U.S.

Frequency bands used in the United States

Current / Planned Technologies Band Frequency (MHz)
SMR iDEN 800 806-824 and 851-869
AMPS, GSM, IS-95 (CDMA), IS-136 (D-AMPS), 3G Cellular 824-849 and 869-894
GSM, IS-95 (CDMA), IS-136 (D-AMPS), 3G PCS 18501910 and 19301990
3G, 4G, MediaFlo, DVB-H 700 MHz 698-806
Unknown 1.4 GHz 13921395 and 14321435
3G, 4G AWS 17101755 and 21102155
4G BRS/EBS 24962690
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