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HP2 Side Stand


I removed the side stand bracket to get a better look-see at the bushing, following the steps below. Once I had the bracket off the bike I could easily grab the end of bushing (there was about 1/8" sticking out) and pull the bushing out. It wasn't a tight fit.

1. Remove circlip (1).
2. Remove washer (2).
3. Remove side-stand switch (3).
4. Remove screw (5).
5. Remove the side stand.
6. Use a suitable tool to remove slide bush (4), taking care not to damage the thread in the side stand.

I found that the bushing fit snugly in to the new side stand - so snug that I couldn't use the two little grease cups, so I left them off.

I noticed that the side stand switch was so close to the grease nipple that I wouldn't be able to attach my grease gun hose to the nipple with the side stand switch in place, so I greased the stand before remounting the side stand switch.

The little circlip was a pain in the butt to me. It flew across the garage and took me 30 minutes to find it. I'll pick up another to have on hand 'cause I'm sure I'll loose it when I remove the side stand switch to grease it again.

Hope this helps.

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