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Originally Posted by ridewestKTM View Post
The pumps don't seal well, and sometimes the vent is where washdown water can enter.
I agree with Dr Bean the rest of the pump should be long lived otherwise.
The only 1 fail of my kits, was due to the fact that someones pump-house had filled up 50% with (salty)water, and the PCB was still working: Over a couple of month the connection of the coil to the PCB corroded away. When the pump died the connection on the PCB around the wire was gone. I re-soldered that and all electronics still worked: and it is still running today.

Also the wire from the coil itself was about 50% gone... so if the PCB wouldn't have failed.. the wire would have only little later.
With contact breakers the pump would have ceased long before!

I improved the PCB on this point in 2 ways:
- the PCB now get a PU coating so it doesn't corrode any more
- the connection of this point on the PCB is made stronger and double-sided: so about 4x stronger.

My own prototype (still in my bike after 40dkm rallies and offroad) stopped working ones: It was filled up with muddy waters and that clogged the light detection. I rinsed it with clean water and remounted it... no problems ever since.

Still: Don't try to seal the pump-house.. that will make thing only worse.
Make sure the vent-hose is on the bottom side (so don't mount the pump up-side down) and the vent hose has a nice S curve to prevent water getting in to easily.

(these issues are the same or worse with the original contactbreakers
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