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1) Baton Rouge to Denver May 2011

May 2011 with record Mississippi River Basin flooding Monitored river flooding and crazy tornado weather in the days leading to the trip... seems flooding would not affect home or work in Baton Rouge, the Morganza Spillway was to open the day we would models showed a lingering high pressure system over the middle of the US which seemed to quiet down supercell activity in tornado alley... so we went for it!

Plan is to connect via as much dirt as possible from Baton Rouge up to the Natchez Trace, then hook up with Sam Correro's Mississippi Hill Country Trail and portions of the TAT up to Trinidad, Colorado, then head north to Denver, park the bikes in a mini-storage (inspired by The Mobious Trip), fly back home, work for a while and then fly back to denver to explore Colorado some more, maybe ride the bikes to SLC or maybe keep going on the TAT, don't know.

Here's the track we took from Baton Rouge to Denver:

And here's a picture on Rampart Range before descending into Denver with, I think, Pikes Peak in the background:

DAY 1 Louisiana & Mississippi:

Leaving home:

Homochitto National Forest, Southern Mississippi

Lodging near Durant, central MS

One of the many ammenities in the hotel

Video summary of Day 1, about 4.5 min., once you hit play, you can click on the HD version.


Day 2 Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas

Day 2 took us through most of Correro's Mississippi Hill Country Trail... unfortunately the helmet-cam ate those video clips and we never stopped for pics, but believe me, it is beautiful, worth the side trip from the TAT if you have time. A little dirty, like most of Louisiana and Mississippi, unfortunately.

This is already close to the TAT in western Mississippi

Lunch was usually at a gas stop. Didn't realize now a days most have these pretty good turkey sandwiches, relatively fresh...

Cows motorcycles

Then it really flattened

Crossing the Mississippi near Helena, AR. Casino underwater...built too close to the river...We only had to do two minor reroutes due to flooding today. We were concerned about the condition of the dirt roads and reroutes, but not bad at all.

First mechanical, , punctured coolant hose, luckly within a couple of miles from gas station for the other bike to go buy coolant.

Here's the culprit, the exposed black rubber hose in the WR250R's.

Here we are doing the repairs with duct tape and zipties and filling the system with coolant and water from our camelbacks.

Accommodations in Clarendon, AR, and probably the best burgers we ate the whole trip just down main street:

By this point we had done about 60-40 dirt vs pavement and were starting to get concerned about Pirelli MT21 wear.

Video Summary of Day 2, click on HD after you click play for better quality:

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