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Originally Posted by ridewestKTM View Post
I tried to coat the PCBs on my kits and it didn't seem to make much difference. I potted a few for external of the cap - that's what I carry for backup. My own generation 2 unit has 20k miles and works great still. Sealed up the cap best I could -can't imagine why not. Even considered just plugging the vent but I suppose sea level to 10kft could keep the pump from working. - I know water would blitz my circuit though. The coil takes so much current it hard to imagine it can tolerate much of anything -just the solder joints get hot even when the circuit components stay cool. If mine ever fails I have a small inventory of my generation 3 units and can go a long time, so I have no worries.
NTL the optical is a good choice - good job.
sorry don't know you made and don't get you text completely.

as for backup: My kit removes the complete original contact breakers: If they are still reasonable you can simple use those as backup since it is very easy to revert to original. You only cut 1 wire for install of my kit: reconnect that wire and reinstall the original C-breakers and you are done. Nice to have if you are planning a worldtrip or deserttrip....
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