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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
I think many folks think they need all this stuff before they can go try it, that's not the case. KISS, then once you're addicted, start raising the game.

Originally Posted by David P. View Post
Very good point, Ned!

It's not what you bring, it's the fact that you do it. We've had people with fridge magnets on their tanks on local rallies and they've had a blast. My first time went so wrong in all ways possible, but I was totally hooked by the whole experience.
Yay, and amen, Ned and David!

some budget versions;

The ultimate cheapy... K.Mart plastic lunchbox and wooden dowels:

Mk II: plastick lunch box with alloy dowels!

DIY manual roller in metal/combine ICO bracket and a plexi-glass screen.

Home made electric roadbook holder (for the DIY over achievers out there ) based on a satandard electricial housing from any hardware store... screw on fitted cover adds a degree of professionalism to finished result.

Another nicely finished manual roller...

And if DIY isn't your thing... but you still want "dip your toe in the water" and go the budget route - BEFORE you lash out on the latest Marcil DesComa replica nav' tower and electronic roadbook holder, remote control tripmeter and laser guided GPS navigation system... well the good old Acerbis manual roller (or the cheaper copies of it) mounted on the crossbrace has been serving both newcomers and experienced rallye goers alike, for nigh on 25 years...
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