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Originally Posted by ridewestKTM View Post
I was making and selling a solid state circuit (no points) - it's board looked like yours. Started it in early 08. My...
Ah, ok.

Well, mine started simply because of the same reason, in 2006, when my own 950 pump started to give problems.
As a challenge I replaced it, first with breakers+Fet, later with a opto (and actually also included the 'on' function of the boardcomputer into it and removed the original fuelpump-relay: one of many things to make my 950 lighter).
I used the 950 3 years to drive rally: 8th an 4th in the Tuareg rally (profi-class) and 1st in Eastern Europe rally (OER). now I have a 690 for this.

I always liked inventing electronics for bikes.

ANyway: My friends started to ask me whether I also could make this pump-switch for them... but of course I could not give them something like my own prototype (one-off, reused parts etc). So I draw up a pcb and perfected the schematic and pcb, making it 'reproducable' and also easy to mount for everyone with a solder iron. But developing a PCB and trying-out things has its price.

I still hand-solder all boards myself and don't really want to make 'production' out of it and I don't try to make profit of it, just enough to cover expenses, an occasional 'lost' in the mail etc. And some to develop the next version...

I am not a company doing this! Its hobby, I have a real job too
I just hope to help people out with this fix.

Reverse connecting the pump and board will blow-up the pump-diode indeed (so how do you fix this: blow out the diode completely?) and usually it also damages my kit-board.
There is an extra diode on the board, so if the original pump-diode doesn't work, that is not a problem.
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