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The gears are working!

I pulled the swingarm this morning to check it out. The bolt and adjusters came out easy and are good. I attempted to adjust the cam chain, but it is so worn that it wouldn't adjust correctly. I adjusted the valves, checked the gas and filled up the oil the rode it a little.

Decided to coast down a hill in neutral with the engine running to see if I could get it to shift up. It shifted and I was happy.

Filled up the oil, again, and rode it around some more.

May be BW (backwards), but I done all this to get an idea of what I will need before I put parts of it on the bench for a rebuild so I can start making a parts and cost list.

It looks like it is going to take a smidgen less to get trail ready.

I would like to know what tire combinations have worked best for overall handling and traction with general use that people have used. Radial or Bias?

I staired a whole thru the breaks until I remembered the carb prolly has a problem to and I'm gonna hafta work on em.
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