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Originally Posted by Mr. BigWheel View Post

I think you are referring to Mr. Gizmow from the TW200 site. I've chatted with him on a number of occasions. He has a number of novel ideas.

You're NX is a fantastic bike for you. Maybe not so good for when you get old and fat like the rest of us who need big CC engines to compensate for expanding waistlines and receding hairlines.


Mr. BigWheel
That's the user I was referring to....
I just remembered that his name was something related to "Gizmo"...

When I saw your bike in the videos, I suddently remembered him..

And you are right when telling the NX is perfect for me, at least by now. But I think this bike will stay with me for a loooong long time...
I guess that when I finish university or while coursing it, I'll get a little 2 stroke such as an Agrale 2.0 or a Yamada DT 175, and restore it for a kind of enduro use..

That's all!

Onederer, I'm pleased to see your bike is running.
I wish you the best with it, and hope you can fix everything soon.

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