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Originally Posted by R_Lefebvre View Post
I can't wait to see pics of the beaverdamn on the Hastings Heritage Rail Trail from Saturday? I missed that section, and am really curious what that looked like. I rode that trail last year on my 250X with the slick Supermoto tires from Madoc all the way up to Bancroft no problem. Also can't wait to see pics from my attempted water crossing further up that trail, most people didn't get to that section I think. Would have needed a boat for sure.
No pictures, but it was passable the whole way through. At the dam itself, you REALLY didn't want to be on the deep side of the trail but no problem getting through. And before that trail, I had never made my Dakar fly!

I got home yesterday evening, took the bags off the bike, took a shower, and slept like the dead. I think that's the sign of a successful weekend!

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to EmBeeDee and Dresda for helping me search for a brake lever after a stupid road-side drop took it off.
And another HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Mike650GS for giving me his spare lever later in the day!

I was too busy riding to take pictures, but I'm sure other folks will fill in the details. With all the riding we did, it seems to me that we barely scratched the surface of all of the roads and trails up there. I definitely need to make some time to get up there again.
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