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Originally Posted by ridewestKTM View Post
Dr Bean:
Don't get discouraged if you get complaints - Like the occasional - "it won't fit!" because there are people who WILL try to mount it upside down.

pm me if there's anything I can help with
Well.. If you wanna help: you can be the re-distributer/reseller: I'll ship you 10 bulk, insured package etc. You redistribute them. (pm/mail me if you are interested).

or you can just advise people here on whether they can do this or not. You could also start a pump-exchange center where people can ship their pump to, and have this kit installed by you :-) ....

Occasional return because people overestimated what they could do themselves in inherent: I don't give that warranty, but I'll try to help in such case. The worse are the people that do NOT ask, only after trying everything that was not in the manual (like drilling extra holes in the PCB ).
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