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Scooter safety and ATGATT guilt

Hey folks...

ok, I've got a question here, and would love some input. A bit tongue in cheek, but still legitimate:

I live in sub-urban area (Clayton, MO for those of you familiar with St. Louis) which is pretty compact. During the summer, I swim laps most week nights at my community pool which is maybe 2 miles from my apartment. I see all these folks zipping around on scooters in shorts, tshirt and sandals with open face helmets on and I'm jealous. Why can't I ride my G650gs to the pool in my swimsuit and tshirt with boat shoes on? If I stay below 30mph, isn't my G650gs just as safe (if not safer) than these scooters?

I'm 100% ATGATT, however I'm considering making an exception for the 2 mile commute assuming I stay under 30mph (speed limit of 20mph on my route to the pool)...What do you guys think?
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