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the latest word on Super-Tuff III foibles...

hi guys,,,
for all of you that have ordered what i call ''the third run from hell'',,,if you haven't received em yet it's because i told my troops to not send them til i return from Mexico...

I just got in and naturally getting to the bottom of reports that:

1... the grease fitting is useless because of it's location

2...another report that the side-stand wouldn't fit ,,,

i have the following news and solutions...

1,, the thickness of the bracket is within specs,,,,so there should be no reason why the side-stand should slip in place effortlessly...the issue with the sidestand not fitting is for an HP2 Megamoto..for some reason this customer has a thinner sidestand bracket,,we sold the identical unit to a Megamoto owner a tear ago with no problems...the crazy part is the megamoto and HP2 share the same part numbers for the brackets ,,go figure

2,,YES indeed the grease fitting is a few degrees CCW of the original location and possibly a few thousandths closer to the switch AHHRRRGGGGH,,
Rx= use a needle point grease applicator or i will swap out all the straight grease fittings for a 45 degree offset's the pics showing what happened with the sharpie showing the original location and the fix with 45degree grease fitting

3,,FYI,,if you have trouble installing the OEM bushing,,,there's one of 2 causes:
A=the used bushing often gets a little burr built up on the ends from hammering
Rx= either replace with new one or sand/machine off the burr on yours,,,wcisse, this is the most probable cause of your binding,,,FYI,,,the bushing has to slip freely through the sidestand,,,i am positive that the bore is within spec,,everyone of ours measured within tolerance ie .630-632'' ,,,
B= the lip on the SS unit was inadequately de-burred,,
Rx= de-burr the edge ,,we will double check all remaining units for fit before sending them Done as of noon 5/24/11,,all units sent out by the end of the day with up-graded 45 degree fitting....Like i mentioned somewhere else,,the grease fitting issue is a mute point/no-issue for those owners that have removed the side-stand kill switch

hope that helps

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