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Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
I tried the Bean today. It tasted good

To be honest I couldn't understand what the loop of fuel-line (connecting input to output) was supposed to achieve plus I didn't want to cut the OEM crimp
clamps off the lines
The loop is to avoid fuel getting out when you take the pump hoses off. If you try it like that the fuel will get out and risk of fire etc.

-If you don't take of the hoses, you don't have that issue.
-A SM has a click-on hose connector, which doesn't leak either.

I'll change that part in the manual. thanks

By far the hardest part of the install was getting the grommet back through the plastic cap at the end
yes, thats the part I cannot change: The small rubber is a nasty thing.. if you have done it a few times it becomes easier

Looks like you did a good job: ring below stud on the correct side etc. nice picture too.
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