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Originally Posted by stockracer View Post
Well, you can add mine to the list...
Riding my '09 GSA today, about 3/4 tank was indicated. A few minutes later, I looked down to see zero fuel, and then the dreaded yellow light and low fuel warning. It appears to be permanently in low fuel warning mode.
Topped of my fuel and zeroed the trip meter. Guess I'll be heading to the shop...

Anyone know if they've come out with an improved fuel strip yet?
Can't answer your question but I have the same bike, same problem, it goes to the dealer next week to be fixed under warentee. In my case I am leaving for AK on 6/10. My question is "If it goes out again and I am forced to live with the flashing low fuel warning and the yellow triangle for the 3 week, 10.000 mile ride will the constant error code make the computer do something stupid?
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