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Originally Posted by Rusty the Scoob View Post
Personally I don't see a big difference in the danger level between going 20 mph on a bicycle or 30 mph on a motorcycle. Yet NOTGATT is looked at as no big deal on a pedal bike.

About the cop who died in a funeral procession - I'm guessing he didn't die of road rash...

The problem with ATGATT is the time and effort it takes, not to mention the heat (95 here today), to change into long pants, boots, gloves, textile jacket, full face helmet...just to make a 5 mintue (2 mile round trip) ride to the grocery store to pick up an item or 2 when I'm lounging around the house in shorts and flip-flops.

I'm not ATGATT. I'm a former HD, no helmet, no jacket, no gloves rider, although I am converting and have been wearing a half helmet on the HD for the last 7 years and now a full face helmet with more gear on the Tiger 1050.

But putting on all the stuff just for a short ride makes me question if I even want to take the's a lot easier to just hop in the car or ride with no gear.

I've thought of posting a poll....asking who is really 100% ATGATT with emphasis on ALL the gear and ALL the time.

I'm guessing very few of us are truly 100% ATGATT and more likely MTGMTT.
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