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KLR = Trials bike?
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Every now and then I cheat it on local rides. 2 miles to work? Cheated today for the first time this season. I spent the whole weekend riding in hot weather down to DC and back up with my Aerostich. I needed a bit of a break... gloves, helmet, boots today. Sometimes I'll take a riding jacket with no pants instead of the 'stich. Tomorrow I'll be wearing the 'stich again (I always visualize somebody not paying attention since most of my trip is 4 lane road).

I'm still ATGATT when I leave town, but sometimes you just don't want to feel like you spend more time suiting up and down than riding. Risk / reward, and I do it. I spent the day feeling guilty about it. Sometime next month, I'll do it again anyway.
Only have a Concours 14 after riding to California from Maine. Need to find a place to ride with knobbies. Need to get a bike with knobbies.

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