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Originally Posted by mdmaroon View Post

After cutting the plastic tube with a hacksaw, you could use a deburring tool, such as one of these:

I see that you already found a way to cut them with a hot razorblade, but I don't know if that is easier, or more difficult that a hacksaw followed by manual deburring.

Just my two cents worth....
The hot razor work well enough, and there's no deburring or tiny plastic bits to clean up. Thanks for the input just the same.

I tried the hacksaw a few pages back. It cuts ok, but there's the deburring. And it isn't just the deburring, it's leftover the 'chips' from cutting the plastic. The tiny chips static cling onto the vial, and get up into the cap seal.

I have a MAG deburring tool over here. It works more or less ok on the ID, but as you can imagine it doesn't work on the OD. I have single-flute countersinks/chamfer bits for both ID and OD (not the MAG versions) but they don't work either. This plastic is just too soft.

If any large production runs are done in the future, it will be done on a lathe with a drawbar-operated 5C soft internal collet for holding, and a rotary razor for cutting.


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