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Originally Posted by 2 SPOT View Post
its a reg/rec with a black ground wire. i'd like to run a mosfet style but aparently I can't as it needs the ground wire. I don't know a bunch about it so I have been relying on reading and manufactureres.
There are regulator/rectifiers (R/R) and just regulators out there.

if you don't want to mess with changing your current charging system. and a New R/R does not fix it. try picking up a small stand alone 12v regulator.
they have some cheap 4 wire ones from china. just carry an extra one with you in the tool kit encase it fails. lol.

there is no problem running 18v dc into a R/R either. it will will just ignore the diodes in side that "rectify" it and regulate the voltage down to it's set output.

That said, you don't actually Want 12v output. you want 13.2-14.5v output.
Most bikes regulate to about 14.2v.

If your bike does not have a starter, it has a single wire running into the postoperative side of the battery. if you put a small 12v regulator on this wire between the bike and the battery positive, and a second wire that bypasses the regulator with a hi amp diode in it, A 5amp diode should work fine, set to block the 18v system voltage, but allowing battery voltage to flow back to the bike. (if system votlage is lower than battery voltage)
you will have 14.2v at the battery charging it, no mater What system voltage is on the bike while it is running.

Here is a cheap one that would work.

or you could buy one for a modern sport bike or something.

I plan on doing something similar for my KE100 and DT175.
I will rewire my stator to put out 12+v (if it isn't already.)
install a battery from here, install 12v lights and a 12v R/R.
Then take a small 6v (7.2v) R/R similar to the 12v I linked to.
this will be set between system voltage and the ignition system.

Should kick start really well with 7.2v available from the system voltage even before it starts running.
Plus, i can do all the cool stuff with my lights and charge my cell phone or a GPS.
(and my light bulbs will be available Anywhere. lol)
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