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Is the scooter guy's brain going to get less splashed when he hits the pavement? Just cause cute girls go putt putting around with no gear doesn't mean they don't get seriously hurt on occasion.

My neighbor had a scooter. He got "hit and run" by an Escalade while wearing a POS open face helmet. He would've done better to wear a batting helmet. He looked like Mr Potato Head while they reconstructed his face for about a year. Lucky he survived. Lucky he can speak sorta clearly or walk or wipe his own ass everyday. Final bill was somewhere in the $450,000 range I think. Glad to help subsidize his bad choice ( not really.)

Yes, real men I was once a real man too. F' it I was young, dumb and invincible. No helmet laws in Delaware and Maryland at the time. Shorts, flops, lime green muscle tee and a mullet. And it was my choice not to wear gear. Just like it's your choice right now. Some kinda minimum might be smart.

(Even at a dead stop, standing still, falling from about 5 feet onto your head bone is gonna ruin your whole day.)

Good luck brother. And it doesn't matter whose fault it is if you're all fucked up for life. Be smart, watch out and ride the wheels off it.
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