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What people tend to ignore is that we don't always ride the same way, and our risk profile changes accordingly.

For me there are times when ATGATT is the go, mainly when I'm on a racetrack or out pushing through the twisties - a situation where there is much greater likelihood of crashing and losing some skin.

If it is a short commute, however, and you are only wearing lightweight gear (for instance, on a hot summer evening I am happy to wear shorts, teeshirt, sandals and mandatory helmet (open face)) then you ride to the conditions; i.e. more defensively - you know it's going to hurt more if you come off so you go slower, you don't lane split, you slow more for intersections, watch out even more than usual for vehicles pulling out from driveways or side roads, etc. in order to reduce the chances of coming off.

Of course, there is always the off chance that no matter what you do some other road user will mess up your day - you can never obviate all risks but there is a hell of a lot you can do to reduce the likelihood of an incident and make sure that on this ride the ATTGATT equipment (that's sitting in your wardrobe instead of on your back) is not required to serve its original purpose.

Everything we do in life has some risk associated with it - even getting out of bed is never 100% risk free. Forget about what your peers on this site tell you - it's up to you personally to educate yourself in order to decide what risk profile you are prepared to live with in return for the enjoyment you get from being bareback on that particular ride.
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