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Self contained is my opinion, as well. These are motorcycle events to be arrived at by motorcycle. Granted, other folks have good reasons they need to trailer their bike. But for me, I like to ride there and ride home. It makes it more of a *thing* for me. If I want to ride my 450X in the woods, I do it locally.

That's my 2 pence worth. (I'm heading over to England and Scotland later this week. I need to start adjusting to the currency.)


Originally Posted by loph917 View Post
i'm mixed on the whole support truck thing. if this is truly a 'rally' where the idea is to haul ass between point a and point b for a certain period of time (3 days, 1 week, etc) then sure i guess it is just a supported ride. a la dakar (i'm not suggesting we race or it is a race).

if the idea is to showcase portions of the TCAT and how it is doable for the long haul (6-8-10 weeks as deadly99 estimates) then it should be done with full gear on the bike. after all, you won't have a support truck following you if you were actually riding the TCAT.

for me there are plenty of 1 or 2 day events where i can trailer either of my bikes and gear and rip for an entire day or two, camp, and then go home. this was my first 'extended' off-road (partially) fully-loaded trip and it provided me with a glimpse of what was possible.

either way, i'll stayed tuned for the Roaming Rally v2.0 details because it can only get better every time.
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