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I agree. If the book on the TCAT comes out we can say we are meeting at X hotel for drinks the on this day then meeting here the next morning. Start on page xxx of the TCAT book and finish on page yyy on Sunday. No liability, no worries, more beer and riding. Buyaa!

Someone better get typing, I WANT TO ORDER MY BOOK

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(the above is snipped for brevity in several places)

Just have to respond to this with some comments on how the scenario might evolve ..

As soon as money starts to be collected you need to account for it and have a bank account for it. This requires having an entity to register it under and a volunteer to keep track of it and account for it if required. Financial statements etc....

As soon as routes are marked and supplied in detail you need to start thinking about carrying insurance for liability. This means becoming a registered club with an executive that is listed in the club documents. The CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association) has to be approached with the route detailed for them and they need 6 weeks to process it and supply the insurance. And there is no guarantee that they'd approve the route either.

We'd need to have a registration table with someone to man it and keep track of bits of paper and signatures. A lawyer would suggest a waiver and require people to sign that as well. Then we'd need people to start keeping track of everyone, people stationed along the route counting heads. Someone at the campground ticking the riders off a list as they arrive. Someone responsible to go looking for you after a certain time. Gawd, the possibilities to turn what really was an Adventure Flash Mob into an organised event are huge here.

And, also, as soon as someone starts to take 'responsibility' for the whole event and accepting money they become a target for blame. People start grinding axes and wandering around looking for 'someone in charge' to bitch at.

How do I know all this? I was membership secretary/rally registrar for the Ducati Owners Club of Canada track rallies for three years.

They are all great suggestions and a rally like that would be superb but it would have to be run by a for-profit business or an accredited club to do it properly and I'm not sure that's really in the spirit of what we had last weekend.
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