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Paraphrasing parents all over the world- "and if the scooter riders rode off a cliff, would you ride off the cliff, too?"

The problem is a failure on teh scooter rider's part to recognize the risks they're taking because "it's just a scooter" and "I'm just going a short way". Most collisions are close to home (possibly because most trips are short and stay close to home, but still) and the asphalt isn't any more forgiving on a scooter than it is on your Tiger.

Given I'm sitting on the sofa barefoot, in cargo shorts and T-shirt, I can get into:

And one of these on the helmet:

Almost without breaking stride as I push the bike out of the garage.

Mesh pants not much longer- an Aerostich even faster, though even I admit that's overkill for a ride to the pool.

Weigh your risks and choose what to protect, or not. I might risk a little road rash on the legs because I sit at a desk all day, but I need my brain and hands functional...
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