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Quite a few people are suggesting changes that would make things more convenient but take the thrill out of this ride. There were countless GS's with three big boxes and stuff tied to the top. There is no way you need that much 'stuff' to pull off a 5 day ride. The DR650 is over-sized but doable on single track as I had it loaded for this ride. The route was plenty possible for a moderately experienced 800/1200 with side cases and top boxes. If you are not moderately experienced you have a year to hit the trails and get that way or look for a bike more suitable. Perhaps instead of dumbing down the ride by making it one where the riders don't carry gear we agree to pack lighter.

I do not want route arrows because half way through the day I may decide that the route sucks and change things up. That is the fun of a "suggested route" If there is a signed route and someone is missing at the end of the day you would be angry if that someone is not on the route. As it is, that someone is responsible for them selves and if they are worried they will have a spot tracker.

I am against a published hotel option. Riders had that option for this ride. If they were worried about being cold and wet at night they could have made reservations at one of the nearby hotels under their own initiative. As has been mentioned already, the group conversations around the camp fire are part of the experience. This ride cost quit a bit already, lets not alienate people by making it too expensive to participate.
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