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I have a long list of injuries mostly from dirt bike riding.
Never had anything serious happen on a bicycle, despite doing a lot of riding on one, although never in the city. Fell plenty off road, never got hurt.

Been down twice on the street in the rain and drunk, not hurt except a little road rash that did not stop me from working, etc.
Both times on Triumphs.

I have never owned gear except a helmet, cold weather garb not included.
I have been thinking about some sort of light weight jacket, but the stores around me have a limited selection, big heavy stuff with goofy designs on it and so on.
Maybe not wearing gear makes you cautious.
I know what is waiting for me if I screw up, so I don't.

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That's funny!
F.W.I.W. I've had concussions, a broken toe, and pretty severe road-rash while riding a BMX 24inch Hutch Cruiser as a kid and absolutely NOTHING as severe has ever happend to me on a motorcycle.

We Humans have this marvelous thing called "Free Will".
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