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Originally Posted by braindead0 View Post
This product sounds like exactly what I want, if it can live up to expectations.

I appreciate the comments from wabbit45, healthy skepticism is a good thing... BT headsets have been hyped for quite a while, and I've never been impressed with real world results.

I too will be watching this thread.

Any comments on this from the webbikeworld review:

It sounds to me like the reviewer tested on bike at speed and had excellent results.
What exactly IS a "review" I sometimes wonder.... and what is it NOT?
A review most certainly is not an objective test.
I know what I personally think it SHOULD be. But that is obviously most of the time not in sync with the reviews I read.
I am under the strong impression that a lot of so-called "reviews" are put together based on manufacturers texts and after ample use of the products "reviewed" and most of the time once can find some kind of relationship between the reviewer, the product, a reseller or the manufacturer (in a direct or indirect way) relating to income or profits otherwise.

Are we leaning on subjective and pre-set "reviews" as yet another marketing instrument to catch our money, too much?
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