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Whiskey in the Gulch

After an amazing day in Denali we packed up and headed South. We drove and drove, finally we pulled into Anchorage, it is a great place mainly because it is only 20 minutes from Alaska you know. We hunted around for a good restaurant, Tina has a good nose for this from growing up in the biz, and we chose Phyllis’s Café & Salmon Bake. All you can eat Snow Crab, awesome! Tina smoked me too, she cracks them legs like you wouldn’t believe, after I was done she kept going. After shutting down the place, we continued south, looking for a place to spend the night.

Driving south on the Seward Highway was amazing in the twilight, well anytime really, but especially for the first time in the twilight of the moon. It was getting late so we decided to turn off and head to Girdwood, figuring we should be able to find a spot to camp.

I usually look for brown signs in this type of a situation; they typically lead to good things. We saw the sign for Crow Creek and decided to check it out. After a while, the road turned to dirt, we found a wide spot, and called it a night. The next day we kept heading south for Homer.

And finally we made it, blown away by the beauty once again:

It was amazing staring across the bay. It made me feel like I was in Baja for some reason but there was something different too. Staring into the clouds trying to figure out if it is a snow capped volcano or another cloud while watching them blend together was breathtaking.

I have a friend who was headed home to CO as we were heading up and I called him once we got to Tok a few days prior, he told me that there were some cool beach access points above Homer that you can drive down on to the beach and camp for free. Like I have mentioned, I don’t like paying for camping, but that isn’t want got the wheels in my head turning……

We decided to check out Whiskey Gulch, it happened to be a perfect place to call home for a few days. There were several nice little spots sheltered in a grove of trees right off the beach. They also had a couple port-a-potties there so that was a bonus too.

We even had a neighbor that kept singing to us.

After parking it up, we decided to hop on the bike and check out the sights.

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