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Key West to Prudhoe Bay and back.

I am back in the middle east again so with nothing better to do after work, I am going to start updating my posts, adding more photos, maps and daily mile counts, avg mpg, etc.


So here's the deal,
I'm a Gov't Contractor that deploys once a year and on a deployment in 2007 I found this web site and That led to an eventual purchase of a brand new 2007 DL1000 in April 2009 and like the first hit of crack-cocaine it was only the beginning down a long slippery slope of farkles, gear, and soon several hundreds of gallons of gasoline at today's inflated prices!!

In two days, on June 4th I will depart the Tampa Bay area and head to Key West, Florida to start my first ever attempt at an "Extreme" IBA ride: The Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge.

I think I've got the bike pretty well set up, put new tires on it last weekend, changed the fluids before my last deployment, new chain shortly before that. Now it's about time to see what I've forgotten or done wrong by testing it on the trip to D2D then Prudhoe Bay!!

Now since any ride report is worthless without pictures, I'll get the scariest one of all out of the way first - a photo of me with my bike taken on the BMW NEF Winter Rally back in February:

I started my testing with a ride up to Deals Gap and found the bike to be unstable at hwy speeds around semi-trucks so I headed back north on another trip to Traxxion Dynamics to get it "tweaked" with AK20 cartridges, some stiffer springs, and a new rear shock with a stiffer spring.
That led to an overly tall bike so I had the rear shortened a tad and it sits on the sidestand a lot better now AND it has the bonus of my stubby legs actually connecting a single foot to the ground!!

The photo above was with the bike loaded about how it will be June 4th so Traxxion could weigh the bike, bags, and my fat arse to get the springs weights right!

By the way, I've never attempted to blog anything online despite being a computer professional (I'm a Data Storage Admin of almost 6 petabytes of data in case anyone cares) so if you have any tips on what I'm doing wrong feel free to PM me and I'll edit things accordingly.

More to come as soon as I get some more photos, but I wanted to start the ride report today to post the link for friends and give the inmates here my Spotwalla tracking page link as well:

Gotta run for now - wife said something about time for my "last supper".....not sure if I should be worried when you combine that with her questions about my life insurance....

Dave in Tampa

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