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I left OC mid afternoon on Friday. A lot of lane splitting and not many pics from Friday.

Here is the loaded WeeStrom at Valley Wells rest area.

As I approached Vegas, I had a choice to make, ride to Mesquite and find a room, overnight in Vegas, or find a place to camp. I chose to look for a campsite at Lake Mead. Originally I wanted to go to Valley of Fire state park, but it was getting dark. I found the campground at Callville bay to be nearly empty so I got a site. It was $10 for a night with water and flush toilets, picnic tables and either a fire pit or BBQ in each campsite.

I set up camp as it was getting dark and had my dinner: Trader Joes Chicken salad on Tandori Nan flat bread.

I wear earplugs when sleeping in a campground which helps a lot when there are RVs pulling through all night long and people partying until 4am. Still, I did not sleep well that night.

Here is what the camp looked like in the morning.

I got up early in the morning so that I could get to the meeting place on time. I rode through the Lake Mead recreation area. It was rather scenic and much better than riding I-15 from Vegas to Mesquite.

The highway brought me out of the park around Overton. Found this old tank at the civic center in Overton.

Around 9 am we met at a Smith gas station in Mesquite and had Breakfast at Subway. Later we split into two groups. Cathy, Duy, and I were taking the easy route along with the support truck while Jim, Joel, and Tim were taking a more ‘interesting’ route. I had loaded the route in my GPS so ended up being the lead rider to St George.
A pic over my shoulder with Cathy and Duy behind.

We topped off our gas tanks just outside St George and hit unpaved road C-5 which would take us to the National park border. C-5 was a dirt superhighway and was mostly smooth, hard-packed dry clay with good traction. I set a pace of about 35 MPH and after a while stopped and asked Cathy and Duy if they are all right with the pace. They said it was fine. I started riding ahead to get pictures but they sped up also and I barely had time getting my camera out before they caught up to me.

We ended up riding 45-50 MPH through most of C-5. Me and Duy took turns pulling ahead to stop and take photos.

It was not long before we reached the intersection where we expected to meet up with Joel, Jim, and Tim. We rested for a ffew minutes and then left a rock cairn to let them know that we have passed.

Onward to Toroweap.

We stopped to check out the Replica Mt Trumbull one-room school house.

Bud Bundy sitting on a cactus?

After the schoolhouse, we rode up the side of Mt Trumbull

The roads around Mt Trumbull slowed us down a bit due to being covered with a lot of ping pong ball sized gravel that made turns slippery. The forests around Mt Trumbull gave way to flat valleys as we got closer to the park boundary.

Finally we reached the ranger station.

Afew more miles of mostly easy dirt to the campground.

There were some small rock ledges that gave the Vstroms trouble around the campground, but the bikes with higher clearance had no problems. Al, driving the support truck got the last campsite for us and we set up camp.

Before long Jim and Tim showed up. They thought that Joel was taking pictures. About the time we started to wonder where he was, someone in a LandRover stopped by and told us he broke his chain. Me and Tim went back to fix it. I think we managed to squeeze a 520 clip link onto Joel’s 525 chain and get him back to camp.
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