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I agree with keeping the same theme as this year, plenty of other rallies and local stuff to run naked bikes in more technical terrain. And from my own experience hosting 2 (so far-#3 is July 30/31-see my sig line) recreational adv/RTR rallies keeping it a guerilla style takes a whole lot of stress and headache off of the organizers.

Plus it's all about the TCAT which does imply you're carrying what you need for multiple days on the road. That being said a vehicle capable of hauling a broken bike running around in the background is a great idea.

as for timing, Memorial Day isn't bad but damn the weather is dicey in my neck of the woods for getting back and forth, a week or even 2 weeks can make a helluva a lot of difference especially for anyone contemplating a run across the Trans Labrador highway as part of their trip. Northern Quebec could easily still bbe under snow

I'm all in for a Quebec venue too
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